Video Game Woes: One Writer’s Perspective

Rhymes with Crazy

I used to think of video games as inherently evil and those who played them as greasy, hairy little dudes dwelling in basements, away from the sunlight and other people.

This was an incredibly harsh and narrow viewpoint to take, and it was proven quite silly once I actually met people who enjoyed playing video games and discovered that in addition to shooting up virtual worlds, they also read books, played cards, shaved, and got plenty of sun. It was the Fiance, who, while we were on our first date, told me that he thought I might enjoy playing certain video games because I liked to write fantasy. It was he who got me through the first few hours of running into walls and dying every thirty seconds: he who introduced me to characters and world-building as thorough and beautiful as any in my favorite tomes.

But I still don’t…

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