Let Go of your Wrongs and Just Write


Anyone who has ever written a prose or short story with an inkling of heartfelt emphasis can offer their two rupaiyas on writing.

Writing is not as methodical as science nor does it produce universally proof-based results as math. Courses on writing can help to improve the structure and strength of a prose or paragraph but the ultimate inspiration has to come from within.

Tips for Writing

1. He or She?

What a better example of the exclusion of my gender than the way our pronouns have been historically ignored in writing.

I have great trouble quoting yesteryear writers for they most notably limited their wisdom for “man” and “his” needs, as a means to encompass all of humanity, thereby excluding women in the discussion. By absorbing such ideas, such a default became ingrained in our words, written or spoken.

Thankfully, our awareness has become richer to represent every human…

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